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Learning piano with Walter Fabeck is inspiring. Somehow he keeps the balance between technique, expression, theory, creativity, and the confidence slowly builds. You have to work, but the rewards are great! Walter works with students of all ages, experience and tastes, and has tremendous patience. Can't recommend more highly.

Susanna SCentral London

All round fantastic teacher

I have been having piano lessons with Walter at Bankside Keys for over four years now and intend to keep having them for many more to come! Walter is an excellent teacher with lots of experience teaching both children and adults of a range of abilities and provides lots of general knowledge around music to put the things you are learning in context. For example when discussing interpretation, Walter often recommends recordings by different professional pianists that may help inspire interpretation decisions. Walter also creates optional performance opportunities for his students, something I have never experienced from a music teacher before.

These are a great way to get used to the nerves of performing in a friendly and supportive environment! Walter is always very patient and encouraging when teaching, especially when working on very technical aspects. He is also an all round lovely person too! Would recommend Bankside Keys to anyone interested in learning piano!”

– Leigh C

Relaxed & enjoyable

As a teacher, Walter has a patient manner and lessons have a relaxed, enjoyable feel. However, he is very focused on developing his student’s musical skills. He pays meticulous attention to reading music correctly, recognising rhythm patterns and understanding harmony. There is also an exploration of musical interpretation. Walter has a wide range of teaching techniques but leaves no stone unturned to ensure that his pupils achieve a high standard with each piece they are learning.

As a musician, Walter is highly accomplished. He is a brilliant sight reader – quite dazzling, has perfect pitch recognition and is a polished performer. His jazz improvisations are ingenious, fun & effortless. Finally he is an original & gifted composer.

There are student concerts twice a year. They are great social events but also help develop performance skills. I can highly recommend Walter and Bankside Keys for anyone interested in developing their interest in piano, beginner or advanced.’

– Lourdes G

"Just wish I'd met Walter Fabeck 40 years ago. I played as a child and young adult, then decided to take up lessons again in my 40's. Walter took me through grades 4 and 5 (with merit), introduced me to the worlds of harmony, jazz, whatever interests me really as he's never phased, and he's a great musician with endless experience. He's also an incredibly nice man.

Barbara SLondon

An exceptional piano teacher

I have been studying with Walter for a number of years and it difficult to praise him enough. He is always patient and thoughtful with all his students which range from young children to the quiet elderly. His depth of technical knowledge is impressive if you want to understand theory in depth. Equally his practical knowledge and tips & tricks to help better playing are wide ranging.

He can cover a wide range of piano styles depending on your interests such as classical and jazz piano. If you want to follow the ABSRM syallabus and exams his help will be invaluable. In addition he tries to build up a nice community amongst his students to help them all improve together by running mini-concerts to let students, if they wish, build up their confidence in performing.

His location near Waterloo is very convenient for travel. Walter is an all round nice guy and you will not go wrong chosing him.

– Nick H

Highly knowledgeable, skilled and cool teacher

Walter is a highly knowledgeable and skilled musician who is great at pushing his students to their full potential and helping them realise their goals. He has a lovely grand piano for students to play and his manner of teaching is very cool, calm, supportive, friendly and full of great tips from his years of expertise.

In addition, his knowledge of musical history is always on hand to put every piece in context for the student and help them to understand the style of the period.

– Maximilian B